Urbanisation has become a global trend. According to UN research, 54% of the world’s population was urban in 2014. The figure is expected to rise to 66% by 2050. The rapid rate of increase means that city planners need to build a lot of new homes over the coming decades in order to copy with cities’ expanding populations. Liverpool, for example, saw its city centre population double in the decade to 2011, according to Census data.

Urban life has become popular for a number of reasons and city centre living in the UK is now highly prized. There are economic advantages to life in the city: there are more opportunities to earn money than there are in rural areas. There is also the convenience of city centre living, with shops, restaurants, nightlife and cultural resources from libraries to museums to art galleries all readily available.

Parliament Residence in Liverpool is a prime example. The property is ideally located to allow tenants easy access to the city’s central business district, where they can take full advantage of the economic opportunities on offer. The trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region are also nearby, which are ideal for everything from shopping to socializing.

For developments such as this, strong tenant demand is fueled by increasing levels of urbanization. This demand is excellent news for investors. At Parliament Residence, they can look forward to 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years, with investment starting from just £109,900.

City centre living also appeals to many for its social and entertainment benefits. At Liverpool’s Albert Dock, summer season highlights include the Tate Liverpool’s Mondrian exhibition, the International Mersey River Festival, the Liverpool Biennial, the Brouhaha carnival parade and the Liverpool Pirate Festival. And that’s just a snapshot of what’s going on in the city this summer.


Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Liverpool really showcases why city centre living has become so sought after. The vast array of amenities on offer means that everything residents could need is within easy reach, while the varied entertainment programme offers something for all ages. City centre residents can also enjoy being part of the dynamism and drive that can be felt in Liverpool’s business district. The opportunities here are fantastic – for both residents and investors!”


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


It’s one thing to read about a place and quite another to visit it. This is the idea behind Prime Centrum’s Guided City Tours, which are bringing Liverpool to life for property investment agents across Asia. The tours follow hot on the heels of the company’s free-to-download Liverpool City Guide 2016.

Prime Centrum Business Development Manager Stuart Johnson explains,

“We’ve already published a comprehensive guide to Liverpool and why residential accommodation in the city is such an excellent investment opportunity, but we wanted to give our global representatives a chance to see for themselves so they are best placed to consult with their clients. Our Guided City Tours of Liverpool allow interested parties to get under the skin of this fascinating city and to tour the development sites that are available for investment.”

Held regularly and hosted by Johnson personally, the exclusive Guided City Tours give agents and principles from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Asia the opportunity to see first-hand the amazing growth underway in Liverpool, as well as the shortage of quality rental accommodation in the city.

An hour long presentation and Q&A session on Liverpool, Prime Centrum’s projects and the key features of the company’s investment model complete the tour, arming agents with expert, on the ground knowledge that they can take back and share with their clients. Experiencing the city for themselves positions the agents perfectly for passing information along to investors and to answering queries regarding the attractions of investing in Liverpool.

Agents visiting the site have the opportunity to understand what it is that makes Liverpool the most exciting UK city when it comes to residential property investment – and to take that knowledge back home with them in order to spread the word.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


The world’s population is growing. By 2100, Earth could be home to as many as 11 billion people, according to a study by the University of Washington. In Britain, the population is expected to swell from 64.6 million to 74.3 million (based on projections by the Office for National Statistics), not by the end of the century but by 2039, less than 25 years from now.

Clearly such rapid growth puts pressure on resources – something that is being felt around the world in terms of food supplies and infrastructure. In the UK, it is housing that is likely to show the most strain. The country already has far fewer homes than it requires and now ex-Cabinet Minister Liam Fox has stated that,

“….the Office for National Statistics project that our population will continue to grow by around half a million a year – a city the size of Liverpool every year.

“This will mean that, in England, we will have to build a new home every six minutes, or 240 a day, for the next 20 years to accommodate just the additional demand for housing from new migrants.”

It is clear that the UK does need to tackle its lack of housing supply. Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Experts have been warning for decades that the UK needs to build homes faster. Our family demographics have shifted to mean that there are fewer people per home at the same time as the population has grown. It’s time that we stop talking about the need for new homes and actually start building them at a faster rate!”

Urbanisation is also changing the landscape of where new homes are required. Liverpool, for example, faced a declining population for decades. From the 1931 Census onwards, the city’s population was in decline. Today Liverpool City Centre has one of the fastest growing population in the UK and a consequently housing shortage. The demand for properties is very high and the offer is not able to satisfy it.

Prime Centrum is one of those companies seeking to meet the demand for new homes. In Liverpool they are offering the brand new Parliament Residence for investment from £109,900. The one and two bedroom homes are ideal for professional tenants, enjoying one of the city’s most enticing views thanks to their prime waterfront location.

With population growth expected to continue well into the next century, city centre developments like Parliament Residence will be key to ensuring that the UK’s residents are housed in locations that perfectly balance their need to access work with the availability of a wide range of leisure facilities.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Whether it’s a thriving business hub, a centre of culture or an evening of entertainment that you’re after from a city, Liverpool has it all. The bustling metropolis is fast becoming the go-to city in the northern half of the UK for everything from to historical discovery to property investment.

Within the past week, plans have been revealed regarding celebrations to be held at the city’s charming Albert Dock, which will see five years of activities take place in order to celebrate the waterside area’s 175 year history. 2016 will focus on the dock’s role in the community, 2017 will bring the site’s history to life through a series of visual, digital and practical interpretations and 2018 will focus on culture and creativity.

The culture theme will be city-wide during 2018, which will mark ten years since Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture. Cultural connections in the city actually extend well beyond Europe. Liverpool and Shanghai were twinned in 1999, becoming ‘International Sister Cities’ thanks to their rich maritime history, their mutual commercial interests and a wide range of other factors.

Both cities’ connection with the sea is an influential factor in their modern day accommodation offering. In Liverpool, Parliament Residence has just been launched to those looking to invest in the city’s most iconic residential waterfront development. The 44 elegant apartments will provide residents with easy access to Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, with the spacious rooftop area delivering unparalleled views out over the water and city.

Available through Prime Centrum, Parliament Residence is available for investment from £109,900, including a 22% early investor discount. Yields of 7% NET income p.a. are assured for the first three years.

Thanks to the city’s excellent business credentials and plethora of events and activities, central properties of this quality are highlight sought after in Liverpool. Those wishing to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team for further details of investing in Parliament Residence.

Nothing is quite as good a driver of action as a looming deadline and new figures have revealed that that certainly proved to be the case with the UK’s buy-to-let market this spring.

Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders has shown that buy-to-let mortgages in March 2016 were up by 142% compared with the same month a year earlier. The reason for the boom was the race by buy-to-let landlords to purchase their next property before the Stamp Duty change that occurred in April, which saw an increase of 3% for those buying a second home, including buy-to-let properties.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders figures are a stark indication of how strong demand is for buy-to-let properties in the UK. Altogether, some 45,000 loans were taken out by landlords in March, up 88% on the month before. Landlords borrowed a total of £7.1 billion in March: 163% more than in March 2015.

Liverpool is one city to have benefited enormously from the March buy-to-let stampede. A half century of outward migration had left the city centre ripe for redevelopment, with everything from decaying warehouses to under-utilised land being snapped up by developers in recent years. With city centre resident numbers now firmly on an upward trajectory once again, demand is strong for high-end rental accommodation in central locations, with a particular emphasis on chic, waterfront residences that offer a serene haven from the busy city all around.

Parliament Residence is a great example. With just 44 apartments, the development will offer an exclusive waterfront abode to those looking for a fantastic central location. The rooftop terrace area commands spectacular views over the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, while the individual apartments combine sleek design with a high quality finish.

Investment in Parliament Residence is available from £109,900, with a 22% early investor discount – more than enough to offset the recent 3% rise in Stamp Duty!


Contact the Prime Centrum team today for further details of investing in Parliament Residence.


Prime Centrum’s latest Liverpool launch – One Wolstenholme Square – is whipping up excitement among buy-to-let investors with an eye for luxury developments with attractive yields.

The development offers a rare opportunity for investors to purchase luxury residential studio apartments in the heart of Liverpool, setting a new standard for L1 living. Demand for such apartments is exceptionally strong. Young professionals have been flocking to Liverpool city centre for more than a decade. A report from Centre for Cities showed that the city centre population more than doubled between 2001 and 2011, with the growth fuelled by young professionals. By 2011, more than 50% of the city centre’s population was aged between 22 and 29.

The huge boom was the result of young professionals heading into the city centre for work. Data from Direct Line for Business has shown that more than half of the city’s housing stock falls within the rental market, but still many young professionals who command healthy salaries but lack the high end accommodation to suit them. Enter One Wolstenholme Square!

Minutes from Liverpool One, Commercial District, Albert Docks and the waterfront, One Wolstenholme Square offers investors an incredibly affordable entry to the lucrative UK buy-to-let sector. Liverpool is one of the UK’s top ten locations for buy-to-let property investment and investors in One Wolstenholme Square can look forward to 8% NET returns assured for 3 years. Investment starts from £79,950, with a 20% early investor discount providing scope for great growth for experienced and first time investors alike.

Liverpool city centre house prices have risen by 40% in the past three years, according to Zoopla. In many areas of the city centre the rise has been greater, with those moving in for jobs driving up property prices. The trend is expected to continue, with One Wolstenholme Square presenting strong potential for capital growth during construction.

For full details, download the One Wolstenholme Square brochure or contact the Prime Centrum team.


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