Earlier this week, property investment firm Prime Centrum have made significant changes to the business. This included restructuring their management team with the changes made as part of their expansion plans for the firm has seen them promote key long standing staff from within the firm to senior management roles. Stuart Johnson is the new Managing Director, Kadir Kanizi is appointed as the Head of Sales and Darren Bennett takes on the mantle of Head of Business Development. Prime Centrum have also expanded their team of Property Consultants, as well as taking on a new Senior Marketing Executive.

Within a year Prime Centrum have quite literally doubled in size and capacity, moved their offices from a small 700 square foot office in Greenwich, to a brand new Canary Wharf location. The expansion of the business marks a key milestone in their plans to become the leading property investment consultancy and to re-shape the competitive landscape. With a strong inventory of developments across the country, the new Prime Centrum management team have all been appointed to drive and service the global demand of their buy-to-let client base.

Alongside these change, Prime Centrum have also launched new branding and a new website to reflect their vision and ethos. The new branding and website developments are being spearheaded by their new Marketing Executive, with strategic plans to become a knowledge base for investors seeking advice on new opportunities and market trends.

“Integrity, Innovation & Excellence” are the company values, and are evident throughout all of their day to day operations and at the forefront of their approach. New Managing director, Stuart Johnson has an extremely impressive history in the sector spanning over 10 years of experience being involved in marketing, business development, as well as being a successful private investor. He is approaching the new position with a goal of setting the trend in the industry, by being ahead of the market curve and uncovering new investment areas in the country before they become mainstream. Here is what he had to say “It is an honour and privilege to take on the role of Managing Director of Prime Centrum at this exciting time. I am looking forward to driving forward our growth plans and delivering well researched property investments to deliver results clients and providing a professional service for our clients”.

The largest container ship to call at the Port of Liverpool arrived this week. The HS Paris is the first post-Panamax vessel to stop at Liverpool, and has a capability of carrying more than 6,500 shipping containers.

Previously, the Port of Liverpool’s existing container terminal could only accommodate vessels with a capacity of up to 4,500 shipping containers.

The HS Paris called at Liverpool using the new £400m Liverpool 2 deep water container terminal which opened in November, and increased the size of vessel that the Port can accommodate.

Post-Panamax is a desciption within the shipping industry for vessels that could not fit through the Panama Canal, a significant 48-mile waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, prior to its expansion last year. The original locks were 110ft wide, meaning that it couldn’t take wider, more modern ships.

While the new Liverpool 2 berth can accommodate the largest deep sea container vessels, take-up for use of the terminal has been slow. The berth opened a year late due to weather delays, and last month suffered a 10m-wide sinkhole, although according to Peel Ports this did not impact on operations.

Mark Whitworth, chief executive of Peel Ports Group, said: “This is a huge milestone for Peel Ports and the Port of Liverpool. The whole team is delighted to welcome HS Paris to the city for the first time. While we have the capacity to handle vessels up to 20,000 TEU, smaller post-Panamax ships are still very much part of our overall strategy and it’s essential that can accommodate those too. We can now do that thanks to our £400m investment at Liverpool2, providing a shorter route to market for UK importers and exporters, which reduces their costs, congestion and carbon emissions.”

Peel Ports recently announced that it had secured 150 advocates for its ‘Cargo200’ initiative. The campaign calls on importers and exporters whose goods begin or end their journey in the North of the UK to switch delivery of ocean freight from South East ports to the centrally-located Port of Liverpool.

Peel has previously said it is hoping to increase Liverpool’s share of the UK container market from 8% to 20%.

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It’s one thing to read about a place and quite another to visit it. This is the idea behind Prime Centrum’s Guided City Tours, which are bringing Liverpool to life for property investment agents across Asia. The tours follow hot on the heels of the company’s free-to-download Liverpool City Guide 2016.

Prime Centrum Business Development Manager Stuart Johnson explains,

“We’ve already published a comprehensive guide to Liverpool and why residential accommodation in the city is such an excellent investment opportunity, but we wanted to give our global representatives a chance to see for themselves so they are best placed to consult with their clients. Our Guided City Tours of Liverpool allow interested parties to get under the skin of this fascinating city and to tour the development sites that are available for investment.”

Held regularly and hosted by Johnson personally, the exclusive Guided City Tours give agents and principles from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Asia the opportunity to see first-hand the amazing growth underway in Liverpool, as well as the shortage of quality rental accommodation in the city.

An hour long presentation and Q&A session on Liverpool, Prime Centrum’s projects and the key features of the company’s investment model complete the tour, arming agents with expert, on the ground knowledge that they can take back and share with their clients. Experiencing the city for themselves positions the agents perfectly for passing information along to investors and to answering queries regarding the attractions of investing in Liverpool.

Agents visiting the site have the opportunity to understand what it is that makes Liverpool the most exciting UK city when it comes to residential property investment – and to take that knowledge back home with them in order to spread the word.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


Prime Centrum’s comprehensive new Liverpool Investment Guide 2016 has opened up the city to investors like never before.

Cities are huge places with a vast array of factors determining how strong a prospect for investment each area is. Yet many investment guides treat the city as a whole, without accounting for the huge variation to be found as one explores its regions. The Prime Centrum guide is different – it walks the reader through the city district by district, far more akin to a travel guide than an investment brochure.

Indeed, the newly launched Liverpool City Guide 2016 doesn’t even promote an individual investment. Its purpose is to enable investors to gain a greater understanding of the intricacies of Liverpool in order that they can make informed investment decisions, should they decide that Liverpool is their ideal investment location.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments on the guide,

“We’re delighted to be able to share the Liverpool City Guide 2016 with all those with an interest in this fantastic city. While we have some fabulous developments here, such as the iconic Parliament Residence waterfront development, its purpose is much broader than that. It’s about sharing our knowledge with investors in order that they can judge for themselves where and when they want to invest.”

Further city guides are set to follow in the wake of the Liverpool one, as the Prime Centrum team puts its extensive research to good use. The Liverpool City Guide 2016 covers everything from economic data to historic and cultural facts. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone considering Liverpool as one of their investment options.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum Liverpool Investment Guide 2016 for free.


The Hometrack UK Cities House Price Index May 2016 has revealed that Liverpool is leading the UK when it comes to property price growth. The figures show a growth rate of 5.4%, reconfirming Liverpool’s position as one of the best cities in the UK when it comes to buy-to-let investment.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, which recently launched the brand new Parliament Residence development in Liverpool, comments,

“The Hometrack data confirms what those of us in the know have been saying for some time now – if you want to invest in buy-to-let accommodation in the UK then Liverpool is the place to be. Investment here has surged in recent years, with high end residential accommodation in the city centre proving particularly attractive. Liverpool is a leading UK city in many respects and buy-to-let investors are now enjoying the capital gains of their recent purchases.”

All eyes will be on the housing sector as the reality of Brexit sets in across the UK, but so far the Hometrack report has maintained a largely positive tone on the matter:

For investors in Liverpool, that makes for encouraging reading. The city – like much of the UK – is in the grips of a housing shortage and buildings like the iconic, waterfront Parliament Residence are helping not just to address that shortage but also to drive up standards across the private rented sector. Light, airy apartments offer spacious accommodation, while a sleek roof terrace with breath-taking views makes the most of the building’s setting by the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

Investment in Parliament Residence is available from £109,900 for a one bedroom apartment, with early investors enjoying a 22% discount and 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years. With confidence in the UK’s property market remaining strong despite the whole Brexit debacle, and Liverpool leading the country’s house price growth, the time is ripe for buy-to-let investors looking for a location with excellent potential.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Liverpool is known for being a buy-to-let hotspot, returning some of the most favourable yields in the country for those with the foresight to invest there. A thriving business and start up hub with an active cultural scene and a UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, Liverpool offers an exciting blend of commercial opportunity and creativity for those who choose to live there.

Savvy investors have been keen to purchase apartments in top Liverpool locations in recent years, as professional tenants put demand on the housing infrastructure that supply cannot keep up with. The latest stunning building to be launched to the market is Parliament Residence. Presented by specialist real estate consultancy Prime Centrum, the building has been quick to win over the hearts of those looking for a luxurious, waterfront investment in the city.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, explains,

“We have been delighted by how well Parliament Residence has been received since we launched the development in late May 2016. Less than a month after the launch date, a full 30% of the project has already sold. We were expecting interest to be high, given Parliament Residence’s high spec and waterfront location, but we are really impressed by just how quickly the apartments are selling.”

There are several reasons behind Parliament Residence’s strong appeal. The great waterfront location plays a key role. The development offers views over the historic Queens Dock and Albert Dock, as well as Liverpool Cathedral. It is well placed for access to the city’s central business district, as well as to the shops and leisure facilities that are packed into central Liverpool.

The fact that the building are managed by Sutton Kersh is also significant. Sutton Kersh are part of Countrywide PLC, the UK’s largest estate agency group, responsible for managing 100,000 properties. Sutton Kersh alone manage 3,000 homes in Liverpool and this extensive experience will be invaluable to investors looking for a hands off buy-to-let investment at Parliament Residence.

With the apartments offering early investor discounts averaging 22%, the availability of instant equity at Parliament Residence makes the development even more attractive. The luxury apartments are set to appeal to some of the city’s most affluent and ambitious young residents and the combination of capital growth and strong yields (7% NET income p.a. assured for the first 3 years) has clearly caused a stir of excitement within the global investment community.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


The world’s population is growing. By 2100, Earth could be home to as many as 11 billion people, according to a study by the University of Washington. In Britain, the population is expected to swell from 64.6 million to 74.3 million (based on projections by the Office for National Statistics), not by the end of the century but by 2039, less than 25 years from now.

Clearly such rapid growth puts pressure on resources – something that is being felt around the world in terms of food supplies and infrastructure. In the UK, it is housing that is likely to show the most strain. The country already has far fewer homes than it requires and now ex-Cabinet Minister Liam Fox has stated that,

“….the Office for National Statistics project that our population will continue to grow by around half a million a year – a city the size of Liverpool every year.

“This will mean that, in England, we will have to build a new home every six minutes, or 240 a day, for the next 20 years to accommodate just the additional demand for housing from new migrants.”

It is clear that the UK does need to tackle its lack of housing supply. Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Experts have been warning for decades that the UK needs to build homes faster. Our family demographics have shifted to mean that there are fewer people per home at the same time as the population has grown. It’s time that we stop talking about the need for new homes and actually start building them at a faster rate!”

Urbanisation is also changing the landscape of where new homes are required. Liverpool, for example, faced a declining population for decades. From the 1931 Census onwards, the city’s population was in decline. Today Liverpool City Centre has one of the fastest growing population in the UK and a consequently housing shortage. The demand for properties is very high and the offer is not able to satisfy it.

Prime Centrum is one of those companies seeking to meet the demand for new homes. In Liverpool they are offering the brand new Parliament Residence for investment from £109,900. The one and two bedroom homes are ideal for professional tenants, enjoying one of the city’s most enticing views thanks to their prime waterfront location.

With population growth expected to continue well into the next century, city centre developments like Parliament Residence will be key to ensuring that the UK’s residents are housed in locations that perfectly balance their need to access work with the availability of a wide range of leisure facilities.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Whether it’s a thriving business hub, a centre of culture or an evening of entertainment that you’re after from a city, Liverpool has it all. The bustling metropolis is fast becoming the go-to city in the northern half of the UK for everything from to historical discovery to property investment.

Within the past week, plans have been revealed regarding celebrations to be held at the city’s charming Albert Dock, which will see five years of activities take place in order to celebrate the waterside area’s 175 year history. 2016 will focus on the dock’s role in the community, 2017 will bring the site’s history to life through a series of visual, digital and practical interpretations and 2018 will focus on culture and creativity.

The culture theme will be city-wide during 2018, which will mark ten years since Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture. Cultural connections in the city actually extend well beyond Europe. Liverpool and Shanghai were twinned in 1999, becoming ‘International Sister Cities’ thanks to their rich maritime history, their mutual commercial interests and a wide range of other factors.

Both cities’ connection with the sea is an influential factor in their modern day accommodation offering. In Liverpool, Parliament Residence has just been launched to those looking to invest in the city’s most iconic residential waterfront development. The 44 elegant apartments will provide residents with easy access to Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, with the spacious rooftop area delivering unparalleled views out over the water and city.

Available through Prime Centrum, Parliament Residence is available for investment from £109,900, including a 22% early investor discount. Yields of 7% NET income p.a. are assured for the first three years.

Thanks to the city’s excellent business credentials and plethora of events and activities, central properties of this quality are highlight sought after in Liverpool. Those wishing to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team for further details of investing in Parliament Residence.

The launch of a new development is always one of the most exciting times for an investment company. It’s also one of the most hectic, with details being finalised, information being prepared for the website and beautiful brochures being rushed to the printer.

Launching a new development follows months (in some cases years) of research, negotiations, site visits, meetings and due diligence work. It’s an important time for any company and when it’s a development that particularly stands out from the crowd, the excitement is almost palpable as launch date approaches.

That’s why everyone in the Prime Centrum team is currently ensuring that the launch of the company’s latest development is absolutely perfect. The stunning new building will be one of Liverpool’s most iconic waterfront residences, taking the waterside lifestyle to a whole new level.

Located in the heart of Liverpool city centre, just minutes from Liverpool One, the Commercial District, and Albert Dock, the development will be managed by the UK’s largest estate agency group, known for their award-winning approach to business.

The new development is expected to generate a surge of interest from investors who recognise the value of investing in leading buy-to-let opportunities. The rare investment opportunity will offer healthy yields and be subject to a significant early investor discount.

The development will consist of high-end accommodation for professional urbanites with a taste for the finer things in life. The spacious, contemporary apartments will benefit from a stunning roof terrace lounge with breath-taking views over Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most in-demand locations for buy-to-let property and the Prime Centrum team is expecting this newly released building to sell out extremely fast. Full details of the launch of this development, which offers an excellent growth and income vehicle for experienced and first time investors alike, will be released within the week.


Contact the Prime Centrum team today to ensure that you are one of the first to receive details of this new investment opportunity!

sam-narbey-670x670The Prime Centrum team is delighted to have welcomed Sam Narbey on board as Senior Property Consultant, adding to the pool of experts already in place at the specialist real estate consultancy.

Sam brings more than ten years of real estate experience to the team. His background and interests span both residential and investment properties, not only as part of his career but also through his own property ownership.

Sam’s expertise will blend perfectly with Prime Centrum’s hands on approach to property, from acquisition and project structuring through sales and management. Sam will be responsible for property sales to new and existing clients, supporting them to purchase the right property at the right time in order to build their portfolios.

Sam is a top relationship manager and will be providing a thoughtful and personalized service to all those interested in making their money work for them through property. Real estate is his personal passion and his enthusiasm for all things property is a welcome addition to the close-knit Prime Centrum team. It is the perfect fit for an organisation known for being staffed by people driven by their passion for property.

Sam’s appointment coincides with big plans for Prime Centrum. The organisation works hard to present its clients with a choice of excellent buy-to-let properties in cities where demand is prolonged and extensive. The principles of rigorous due diligence and transparency are a core part of this offering and have positioned the organisation well for the planned growth over the years ahead.

The addition of Sam Narbey to the pool of in-house experts is the next step in that growth. Sam adds to the combined industry experience of more than three decades across the existing team and will play a key role in supporting Prime Centrum in its mission to deliver genuine yield and capital growth opportunities backed by top notch customer service to both clients and development partners.


Contact the Prime Centrum team today for further details.