Urbanisation has become a global trend. According to UN research, 54% of the world’s population was urban in 2014. The figure is expected to rise to 66% by 2050. The rapid rate of increase means that city planners need to build a lot of new homes over the coming decades in order to copy with cities’ expanding populations. Liverpool, for example, saw its city centre population double in the decade to 2011, according to Census data.

Urban life has become popular for a number of reasons and city centre living in the UK is now highly prized. There are economic advantages to life in the city: there are more opportunities to earn money than there are in rural areas. There is also the convenience of city centre living, with shops, restaurants, nightlife and cultural resources from libraries to museums to art galleries all readily available.

Parliament Residence in Liverpool is a prime example. The property is ideally located to allow tenants easy access to the city’s central business district, where they can take full advantage of the economic opportunities on offer. The trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region are also nearby, which are ideal for everything from shopping to socializing.

For developments such as this, strong tenant demand is fueled by increasing levels of urbanization. This demand is excellent news for investors. At Parliament Residence, they can look forward to 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years, with investment starting from just £109,900.

City centre living also appeals to many for its social and entertainment benefits. At Liverpool’s Albert Dock, summer season highlights include the Tate Liverpool’s Mondrian exhibition, the International Mersey River Festival, the Liverpool Biennial, the Brouhaha carnival parade and the Liverpool Pirate Festival. And that’s just a snapshot of what’s going on in the city this summer.


Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Liverpool really showcases why city centre living has become so sought after. The vast array of amenities on offer means that everything residents could need is within easy reach, while the varied entertainment programme offers something for all ages. City centre residents can also enjoy being part of the dynamism and drive that can be felt in Liverpool’s business district. The opportunities here are fantastic – for both residents and investors!”


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


Prime Minister Theresa May has set about reshaping her cabinet in no uncertain terms. The comprehensive reshuffle has revealed a great deal about the new PM’s priorities, with clear commitment shown to both housebuilding and the North.

Gavin Barwell MP has been appointed as Minister of State for Housing and Planning (as well as Minister for London) and certainly has his work cut out. A recent report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee found that the UK needs to build 300,000 new homes per year in order to curb the country’s increasing housing shortage. The figure represents a doubling of current housebuilding levels.

Prime Minister May has also appointed Andrew Percy MP as Northern Powerhouse Minister, signaling her support for the initiative first launched by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2014. The Northern Powerhouse proposal was designed to boost the economic growth of the North of England, with ‘core cities’ like Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds sharing in the wealth of London and the South East.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, which offers select property investment opportunities in the North, comments,

“It’s great to see that the government, under the leadership of Theresa May, will prioritise the very important issues of housebuilding and the Northern Powerhouse. It is essential that we act fast in order to prevent the UK’s housing crisis from worsening even further.

“We knew over a decade ago, thanks to the Barker Review of housing supply that the UK needed to speed up its homebuilding rate, but supply has consistently failed to keep up with demand since then. There can be no more slippage if we want to avoid a very real housing problem in our cities. It bodes well that the new Minister of State for Housing and Planning and the Northern Powerhouse Minister will be keen to prove their mettle so far as this is concerned in the North of England.”

Prime Centrum is certainly doing its part to head off the deepening housing crisis. The company is working with developers and investors to bring high end new homes to Liverpool at Parliament Residence. The 44 one- and two-bedroom apartments enjoy a central location within walking distance of Liverpool’s central business district, trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region. Ideal for professionals looking for city centre living, the private roof terrace lounge commands superb views over the city’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

Apartments at Parliament Residence are available for investment from £109,000. Investors benefit from a 22% early investor discount and 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


A newly released video from Invest Liverpool has highlighted the city’s vast range of industries, its technological prowess and its strong position as a manufacturing stronghold in the new, post-referendum world.

In just over three minutes, the beautifully shot film takes the viewer on a journey through some of this fascinating city’s key business sectors, from virtual engineering to virtual reality, office design to app design and car building to ship building. The short film showcases the breadth of skills available in Liverpool, as Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, observes,

“Invest Liverpool’s video perfectly captures the essence of Liverpool’s dynamic, modern business sector. The city’s growing reputation for creativity, innovation and high quality manufacturing is drawing interest from around the world. From large companies to private individuals, investment in Liverpool is driving innovation and growth across the city.”

Liverpool’s connections are a key strategic factor in its favour. The largest port on the UK’s west coast, the city is connected to more than 60 European destinations through Liverpool John Lennon Airport and is just two hours from London by train. The coastal connection means that Liverpool is perfectly positioned as a leading maritime knowledge hub, as well as being an important base for subsea diving operation services.

One of the most interesting elements of the Invest Liverpool video is its inclusion not just of the city’s businesses and services, but also of The Studio School, a digital and creative educational experience that is fostering the next generation of bright young professionals for the city’s future.

“There’s a really long-term approach here,” continues Prime Centrum’s Stuart Johnson. “From the emphasis on research and development facilities to leading universities, there’s a sense that Liverpool is taking the future in its hands and shaping an intelligent, cosmopolitan workforce that will benefit the city for generations.”

Prime Centrum’s role in that future is to house Liverpool’s swelling workforce. Its latest development, Parliament Residence, offers 44 stunning one and two bedroom apartments in a thriving waterfront location, with a private roof terrace lounge providing spectacular views over the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.


Those wanting to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team and download the brand new Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


The Hometrack UK Cities House Price Index May 2016 has revealed that Liverpool is leading the UK when it comes to property price growth. The figures show a growth rate of 5.4%, reconfirming Liverpool’s position as one of the best cities in the UK when it comes to buy-to-let investment.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, which recently launched the brand new Parliament Residence development in Liverpool, comments,

“The Hometrack data confirms what those of us in the know have been saying for some time now – if you want to invest in buy-to-let accommodation in the UK then Liverpool is the place to be. Investment here has surged in recent years, with high end residential accommodation in the city centre proving particularly attractive. Liverpool is a leading UK city in many respects and buy-to-let investors are now enjoying the capital gains of their recent purchases.”

All eyes will be on the housing sector as the reality of Brexit sets in across the UK, but so far the Hometrack report has maintained a largely positive tone on the matter:

For investors in Liverpool, that makes for encouraging reading. The city – like much of the UK – is in the grips of a housing shortage and buildings like the iconic, waterfront Parliament Residence are helping not just to address that shortage but also to drive up standards across the private rented sector. Light, airy apartments offer spacious accommodation, while a sleek roof terrace with breath-taking views makes the most of the building’s setting by the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

Investment in Parliament Residence is available from £109,900 for a one bedroom apartment, with early investors enjoying a 22% discount and 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years. With confidence in the UK’s property market remaining strong despite the whole Brexit debacle, and Liverpool leading the country’s house price growth, the time is ripe for buy-to-let investors looking for a location with excellent potential.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Liverpool is known for being a buy-to-let hotspot, returning some of the most favourable yields in the country for those with the foresight to invest there. A thriving business and start up hub with an active cultural scene and a UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, Liverpool offers an exciting blend of commercial opportunity and creativity for those who choose to live there.

Savvy investors have been keen to purchase apartments in top Liverpool locations in recent years, as professional tenants put demand on the housing infrastructure that supply cannot keep up with. The latest stunning building to be launched to the market is Parliament Residence. Presented by specialist real estate consultancy Prime Centrum, the building has been quick to win over the hearts of those looking for a luxurious, waterfront investment in the city.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, explains,

“We have been delighted by how well Parliament Residence has been received since we launched the development in late May 2016. Less than a month after the launch date, a full 30% of the project has already sold. We were expecting interest to be high, given Parliament Residence’s high spec and waterfront location, but we are really impressed by just how quickly the apartments are selling.”

There are several reasons behind Parliament Residence’s strong appeal. The great waterfront location plays a key role. The development offers views over the historic Queens Dock and Albert Dock, as well as Liverpool Cathedral. It is well placed for access to the city’s central business district, as well as to the shops and leisure facilities that are packed into central Liverpool.

The fact that the building are managed by Sutton Kersh is also significant. Sutton Kersh are part of Countrywide PLC, the UK’s largest estate agency group, responsible for managing 100,000 properties. Sutton Kersh alone manage 3,000 homes in Liverpool and this extensive experience will be invaluable to investors looking for a hands off buy-to-let investment at Parliament Residence.

With the apartments offering early investor discounts averaging 22%, the availability of instant equity at Parliament Residence makes the development even more attractive. The luxury apartments are set to appeal to some of the city’s most affluent and ambitious young residents and the combination of capital growth and strong yields (7% NET income p.a. assured for the first 3 years) has clearly caused a stir of excitement within the global investment community.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Liverpool has rocketed to global attention in recent years as one of the UK’s most dynamic and forward-thinking places to do business. The city’s impressive regeneration has led to professionals from across the North West of England flocking there for the economic opportunities that life in Liverpool now encompasses. Now, the International Festival for Business (IFB) 2016 is cementing the city’s reputation as one of the top locations when it comes to commercial ventures with a global focus.

IFB2016 runs from 13 June to 1 July at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool. With HSBC, Google and BT partnering with the organisers to deliver the event, IFB2016 is offering the world’s largest ‘meet the buyer’ event, with state of the art networking and digital matching promising delegates unrivalled opportunities when it comes to making the connections they need to succeed.

The emphasis is very much on inspirational and aspirational business, which is perfectly in tune with Liverpool’s approach as a city, as Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, explains,

“You can see as you walk around Liverpool just how much the city has changed in recent years. The city has grown and developed with a host of stunning new buildings and cultural offerings, yet at the same time stayed true to its roots, celebrating its rich merchant history and of course its fabulous musical heritage. It’s a great city to do business in and clearly a natural choice for IFB2016.”

Liverpool’s commercial prowess has meant that competition for rental property in the city centre has increased hugely in recent years, as professionals and their families seek out prime apartments that are close to the central business and retail districts. One particularly popular area is the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront area, the location of the brand new Parliament Residence apartments. The area is just minutes from the central business district, the trendy Baltic Triangle and the celebrated Albert Dock region.

The choice of location means that those living in the spacious one and two bedroom homes at Parliament Residence will be able to access the best that the city has to offer, all within easy walking distance. They will also be able to enjoy spectacular views over the city and waterfront from the building’s private roof terrace lounge.

With tenant demand in the city centre rising and the Parliament Residence apartments offering a 22% early investor discount (prices are from £109,900 with 7% NET returns assured for three years), the 44 homes are expected to be snapped up fast – another key indicator of how important Liverpool is when it comes to exciting and fast-paced business opportunities.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


The world’s population is growing. By 2100, Earth could be home to as many as 11 billion people, according to a study by the University of Washington. In Britain, the population is expected to swell from 64.6 million to 74.3 million (based on projections by the Office for National Statistics), not by the end of the century but by 2039, less than 25 years from now.

Clearly such rapid growth puts pressure on resources – something that is being felt around the world in terms of food supplies and infrastructure. In the UK, it is housing that is likely to show the most strain. The country already has far fewer homes than it requires and now ex-Cabinet Minister Liam Fox has stated that,

“….the Office for National Statistics project that our population will continue to grow by around half a million a year – a city the size of Liverpool every year.

“This will mean that, in England, we will have to build a new home every six minutes, or 240 a day, for the next 20 years to accommodate just the additional demand for housing from new migrants.”

It is clear that the UK does need to tackle its lack of housing supply. Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Experts have been warning for decades that the UK needs to build homes faster. Our family demographics have shifted to mean that there are fewer people per home at the same time as the population has grown. It’s time that we stop talking about the need for new homes and actually start building them at a faster rate!”

Urbanisation is also changing the landscape of where new homes are required. Liverpool, for example, faced a declining population for decades. From the 1931 Census onwards, the city’s population was in decline. Today Liverpool City Centre has one of the fastest growing population in the UK and a consequently housing shortage. The demand for properties is very high and the offer is not able to satisfy it.

Prime Centrum is one of those companies seeking to meet the demand for new homes. In Liverpool they are offering the brand new Parliament Residence for investment from £109,900. The one and two bedroom homes are ideal for professional tenants, enjoying one of the city’s most enticing views thanks to their prime waterfront location.

With population growth expected to continue well into the next century, city centre developments like Parliament Residence will be key to ensuring that the UK’s residents are housed in locations that perfectly balance their need to access work with the availability of a wide range of leisure facilities.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide free of charge.


Whether it’s a thriving business hub, a centre of culture or an evening of entertainment that you’re after from a city, Liverpool has it all. The bustling metropolis is fast becoming the go-to city in the northern half of the UK for everything from to historical discovery to property investment.

Within the past week, plans have been revealed regarding celebrations to be held at the city’s charming Albert Dock, which will see five years of activities take place in order to celebrate the waterside area’s 175 year history. 2016 will focus on the dock’s role in the community, 2017 will bring the site’s history to life through a series of visual, digital and practical interpretations and 2018 will focus on culture and creativity.

The culture theme will be city-wide during 2018, which will mark ten years since Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture. Cultural connections in the city actually extend well beyond Europe. Liverpool and Shanghai were twinned in 1999, becoming ‘International Sister Cities’ thanks to their rich maritime history, their mutual commercial interests and a wide range of other factors.

Both cities’ connection with the sea is an influential factor in their modern day accommodation offering. In Liverpool, Parliament Residence has just been launched to those looking to invest in the city’s most iconic residential waterfront development. The 44 elegant apartments will provide residents with easy access to Liverpool’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, with the spacious rooftop area delivering unparalleled views out over the water and city.

Available through Prime Centrum, Parliament Residence is available for investment from £109,900, including a 22% early investor discount. Yields of 7% NET income p.a. are assured for the first three years.

Thanks to the city’s excellent business credentials and plethora of events and activities, central properties of this quality are highlight sought after in Liverpool. Those wishing to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team for further details of investing in Parliament Residence.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the Prime Centrum team. Late May saw the launch of the stunning Parliament Residence development to investors looking for buy-to-let apartments with healthy yields in an area of strong rental demand in central Liverpool.

video pictDetails of the site are available online and Prime Centrum has just released a video of Parliament Residence in order to let investors drill down visually into the detail of the building and what the apartments and other amenities will look like once construction is complete.

Now, Prime Centrum has revealed its latest launch: the 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide. This handy resource is packed full of information on turning property into profit in the UK. Ideal as a resource for the novice buy-to-let landlord, it’s also got plenty of hints and tips in to make it relevant even to seasoned property investors with a string of properties in their portfolio.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“We wanted to produce a buy-to-let guide that was crammed with meaningful information in order to enable investors to make informed choices and to understand their responsibilities as well as the attractions of buy-to-let. The 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide isn’t a sales brochure – far from it, in fact. We’ve worked hard to ensure that it is an informative, relevant document that will be of benefit to all those involved with buy-to-let property, particularly investors new to UK property. It will be worth reading whether they are thinking about buying their first property or their tenth.”

The 2016 UK Buy-to-let Guide can be downloaded for free as part of Prime Centrum’s commitment to supporting investors to make educated choices. The guide is the first in a series of brochures that will be freely available from Prime Centrum to anyone interested in making money from buy-to-let properties in the UK. Further guides will be announced on the website over the coming weeks.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team.


Nothing is quite as good a driver of action as a looming deadline and new figures have revealed that that certainly proved to be the case with the UK’s buy-to-let market this spring.

Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders has shown that buy-to-let mortgages in March 2016 were up by 142% compared with the same month a year earlier. The reason for the boom was the race by buy-to-let landlords to purchase their next property before the Stamp Duty change that occurred in April, which saw an increase of 3% for those buying a second home, including buy-to-let properties.

The Council of Mortgage Lenders figures are a stark indication of how strong demand is for buy-to-let properties in the UK. Altogether, some 45,000 loans were taken out by landlords in March, up 88% on the month before. Landlords borrowed a total of £7.1 billion in March: 163% more than in March 2015.

Liverpool is one city to have benefited enormously from the March buy-to-let stampede. A half century of outward migration had left the city centre ripe for redevelopment, with everything from decaying warehouses to under-utilised land being snapped up by developers in recent years. With city centre resident numbers now firmly on an upward trajectory once again, demand is strong for high-end rental accommodation in central locations, with a particular emphasis on chic, waterfront residences that offer a serene haven from the busy city all around.

Parliament Residence is a great example. With just 44 apartments, the development will offer an exclusive waterfront abode to those looking for a fantastic central location. The rooftop terrace area commands spectacular views over the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, while the individual apartments combine sleek design with a high quality finish.

Investment in Parliament Residence is available from £109,900, with a 22% early investor discount – more than enough to offset the recent 3% rise in Stamp Duty!


Contact the Prime Centrum team today for further details of investing in Parliament Residence.