As experts in the buy to let property market, it is our obligation to keep our audience and clients educated with the latest information on the market and ensuring we are ahead of the curve on key investment trends in the country. Here is a snapshot of the economic drivers of the Liverpool buy-to-let market, we have identified a number of areas which we believe is forcing the property prices in the area to sore. Liverpool has been identified as one of the hottest areas in the UK to invest, and is benefiting from an increase in price year on year.

economic drivers

The largest container ship to call at the Port of Liverpool arrived this week. The HS Paris is the first post-Panamax vessel to stop at Liverpool, and has a capability of carrying more than 6,500 shipping containers.

Previously, the Port of Liverpool’s existing container terminal could only accommodate vessels with a capacity of up to 4,500 shipping containers.

The HS Paris called at Liverpool using the new £400m Liverpool 2 deep water container terminal which opened in November, and increased the size of vessel that the Port can accommodate.

Post-Panamax is a desciption within the shipping industry for vessels that could not fit through the Panama Canal, a significant 48-mile waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, prior to its expansion last year. The original locks were 110ft wide, meaning that it couldn’t take wider, more modern ships.

While the new Liverpool 2 berth can accommodate the largest deep sea container vessels, take-up for use of the terminal has been slow. The berth opened a year late due to weather delays, and last month suffered a 10m-wide sinkhole, although according to Peel Ports this did not impact on operations.

Mark Whitworth, chief executive of Peel Ports Group, said: “This is a huge milestone for Peel Ports and the Port of Liverpool. The whole team is delighted to welcome HS Paris to the city for the first time. While we have the capacity to handle vessels up to 20,000 TEU, smaller post-Panamax ships are still very much part of our overall strategy and it’s essential that can accommodate those too. We can now do that thanks to our £400m investment at Liverpool2, providing a shorter route to market for UK importers and exporters, which reduces their costs, congestion and carbon emissions.”

Peel Ports recently announced that it had secured 150 advocates for its ‘Cargo200’ initiative. The campaign calls on importers and exporters whose goods begin or end their journey in the North of the UK to switch delivery of ocean freight from South East ports to the centrally-located Port of Liverpool.

Peel has previously said it is hoping to increase Liverpool’s share of the UK container market from 8% to 20%.

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Office take-up across the Liverpool city region for 2016 exceeded 500,000 sq ft for the fifth year running, according to the 12th annual Commercial Office Market Review.

Total take-up for 2016 was 523,456 sq ft, down 9.3% from the 576,847 sq ft let in 2015.

The review is produced by Professional Liverpool’s property group and supported by the Liverpool BID Company.

Bill Addy, chief executive of the Liverpool BID Company, said: “It is extremely encouraging to see that take-up remains positive, particularly in the Commercial District, but we do need to address the issues around the shortage of office stock. It’s encouraging to see schemes such as Pall Mall coming to fruition as it will provide the grade A space that is much needed to attract investors to the city.”

Tony Reed, head of Liverpool sales for Bruntwood and chairman of the Professional Liverpool property group, added: “Sector wise, we’ve seen a rise in professional services, along with training and the creative, IT and media sectors. We’re also continuing to see the trend of office space being converted for residential/leisure use, for example, Silkhouse Court, Reliance House and Corn Exchange.”

City centre market

Take-up in the city centre, made up of the commercial district and city fringe areas, was up by 1% with 386,981 sq ft. Of this, 342,714 sq ft was let in the commercial district and 44,267 sq ft in the city fringe.

Commercial district take-up climbed by 13%, with the largest deal being Liverpool John Moores University taking 58,264 sq ft at Exchange Station.

Although the volume of space taken in the city fringe was down slightly on 2015, the number of deals in that market rose from 14 to 22.

In both the commercial district and city fringe, small deals were to the fore as the trend of subdividing larger floorplates into smaller suites continued. This was the case at Cotton Exchange, which secured 21 deals, Oriel Chambers with 16 deals and Graeme House, which netted nine deals.

Out-of-town market

Out-of-town take-up fell from 193,824 sq ft in 2015 to 136,475 sq ft.

The biggest winners were Knowsley, where take-up climbed by 64%, and North Liverpool, including Bootle and Waterloo, with a 60% increase. The largest deal out of town was Kura’s 34,983 sq ft letting at Caspian House.

As in 2015, there was just one deal for grade A space in 2016, with 5,387 sq ft at Alaska House let to H&T Group. Grade B space accounted for 92% of all deals in the out-of-town market.


Supply of quality stock is cited as a concern. Slightly more than 50,000 sq ft of vacant grade A space remains in the commercial district, down from 91,869 sq ft in 2015. Much of the 1.3m sq ft of vacant office space within the commercial district is of little appeal, with just 445,565 sq ft described as being of grade A or B and ready to occupy.

Across the city region, deals for grade B and grade B* offices – space refurbished to grade A standard – accounted for 115 of the 191 deals completed in the city. Just three grade A deals were completed in the commercial district.

Despite the low level of grade A letting activity, the commercial district saw several major investment deals, with 1.3m sq ft of space sold. The largest buyer, with 350,000 sq ft at Exchange Flags and more than 500,000 sq ft at India Buildings was Shelborn Asset Management.

The full report is available here.

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Accreditations: The information in this article has been researched and written by Place North West. Please click here to visit the original article.

Urbanisation has become a global trend. According to UN research, 54% of the world’s population was urban in 2014. The figure is expected to rise to 66% by 2050. The rapid rate of increase means that city planners need to build a lot of new homes over the coming decades in order to copy with cities’ expanding populations. Liverpool, for example, saw its city centre population double in the decade to 2011, according to Census data.

Urban life has become popular for a number of reasons and city centre living in the UK is now highly prized. There are economic advantages to life in the city: there are more opportunities to earn money than there are in rural areas. There is also the convenience of city centre living, with shops, restaurants, nightlife and cultural resources from libraries to museums to art galleries all readily available.

Parliament Residence in Liverpool is a prime example. The property is ideally located to allow tenants easy access to the city’s central business district, where they can take full advantage of the economic opportunities on offer. The trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region are also nearby, which are ideal for everything from shopping to socializing.

For developments such as this, strong tenant demand is fueled by increasing levels of urbanization. This demand is excellent news for investors. At Parliament Residence, they can look forward to 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years, with investment starting from just £109,900.

City centre living also appeals to many for its social and entertainment benefits. At Liverpool’s Albert Dock, summer season highlights include the Tate Liverpool’s Mondrian exhibition, the International Mersey River Festival, the Liverpool Biennial, the Brouhaha carnival parade and the Liverpool Pirate Festival. And that’s just a snapshot of what’s going on in the city this summer.


Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Liverpool really showcases why city centre living has become so sought after. The vast array of amenities on offer means that everything residents could need is within easy reach, while the varied entertainment programme offers something for all ages. City centre residents can also enjoy being part of the dynamism and drive that can be felt in Liverpool’s business district. The opportunities here are fantastic – for both residents and investors!”


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


Prime Minister Theresa May has set about reshaping her cabinet in no uncertain terms. The comprehensive reshuffle has revealed a great deal about the new PM’s priorities, with clear commitment shown to both housebuilding and the North.

Gavin Barwell MP has been appointed as Minister of State for Housing and Planning (as well as Minister for London) and certainly has his work cut out. A recent report from the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee found that the UK needs to build 300,000 new homes per year in order to curb the country’s increasing housing shortage. The figure represents a doubling of current housebuilding levels.

Prime Minister May has also appointed Andrew Percy MP as Northern Powerhouse Minister, signaling her support for the initiative first launched by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 2014. The Northern Powerhouse proposal was designed to boost the economic growth of the North of England, with ‘core cities’ like Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds sharing in the wealth of London and the South East.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, which offers select property investment opportunities in the North, comments,

“It’s great to see that the government, under the leadership of Theresa May, will prioritise the very important issues of housebuilding and the Northern Powerhouse. It is essential that we act fast in order to prevent the UK’s housing crisis from worsening even further.

“We knew over a decade ago, thanks to the Barker Review of housing supply that the UK needed to speed up its homebuilding rate, but supply has consistently failed to keep up with demand since then. There can be no more slippage if we want to avoid a very real housing problem in our cities. It bodes well that the new Minister of State for Housing and Planning and the Northern Powerhouse Minister will be keen to prove their mettle so far as this is concerned in the North of England.”

Prime Centrum is certainly doing its part to head off the deepening housing crisis. The company is working with developers and investors to bring high end new homes to Liverpool at Parliament Residence. The 44 one- and two-bedroom apartments enjoy a central location within walking distance of Liverpool’s central business district, trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region. Ideal for professionals looking for city centre living, the private roof terrace lounge commands superb views over the city’s UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.

Apartments at Parliament Residence are available for investment from £109,000. Investors benefit from a 22% early investor discount and 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


Liverpool council has announced plans to build 10,000 new homes, highlighting the city’s urgent need for new housing to provide for its growing population. The council plans to set up a ‘commercially driven’ housing company to progress the work, which will be spread across sites owned by the council and by the private sector.

The £1 billion commitment was one of the cornerstones of Mayor Joe Anderson’s manifesto when he was elected in May 2015. He describes the ambitious program as the “biggest and boldest house building program, probably in Europe.”

Prime Centrum Business Development Manager Stuart Johnson comments,

“The commitment to build 10,000 new homes in Liverpool is much needed. The city’s ageing housing stock and increasing population have created a severe shortage of homes, meaning that long-term planning like this is required in order to give Liverpool’s residents the high quality accommodation that they both expect and deserve.

“The plan is also indicative of Liverpool’s attraction as a place to invest in property – housing shortages like this aren’t solved in a hurry, meaning that investors can be assured as to the long-term prospects of Liverpool’s property sector.”

While the Mayor’s plans will take some time to come to fruition, investors keen to buy in to Liverpool’s property market have some excellent opportunities available to them. Elegant buy-to-let apartments at Parliament Residence, located by the city’s stunning UNESCO World Heritage waterfront, are available from £109,900. The one and two bedroom homes enjoy a 22% early investor discount and 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years.

Not only are the yields appealing when it comes to investing in residential property in Liverpool, but capital growth is also an attraction. The city was flagged as enjoying the fastest rate of house price growth in the UK in the May 2016 Hometrack UK Cities House Price Index, with a growth rate of 5.4%.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


It’s one thing to read about a place and quite another to visit it. This is the idea behind Prime Centrum’s Guided City Tours, which are bringing Liverpool to life for property investment agents across Asia. The tours follow hot on the heels of the company’s free-to-download Liverpool City Guide 2016.

Prime Centrum Business Development Manager Stuart Johnson explains,

“We’ve already published a comprehensive guide to Liverpool and why residential accommodation in the city is such an excellent investment opportunity, but we wanted to give our global representatives a chance to see for themselves so they are best placed to consult with their clients. Our Guided City Tours of Liverpool allow interested parties to get under the skin of this fascinating city and to tour the development sites that are available for investment.”

Held regularly and hosted by Johnson personally, the exclusive Guided City Tours give agents and principles from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other countries in Asia the opportunity to see first-hand the amazing growth underway in Liverpool, as well as the shortage of quality rental accommodation in the city.

An hour long presentation and Q&A session on Liverpool, Prime Centrum’s projects and the key features of the company’s investment model complete the tour, arming agents with expert, on the ground knowledge that they can take back and share with their clients. Experiencing the city for themselves positions the agents perfectly for passing information along to investors and to answering queries regarding the attractions of investing in Liverpool.

Agents visiting the site have the opportunity to understand what it is that makes Liverpool the most exciting UK city when it comes to residential property investment – and to take that knowledge back home with them in order to spread the word.


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


There was a lot of scaremongering before the EU referendum about how the UK’s property market would instantly collapse in the event of a ‘leave’ vote, but industry professionals are actually relatively calm about the situation, now that the UK has indeed decided to part ways with the EU. In fact, many property companies are highlighting the value of making an investment in the buy-to-let property sector right now.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, observes,

“There was always going to be some uncertainty as a result of a Brexit vote, but the basic principles of supply and demand in the UK’s property market didn’t suddenly change the moment the ballots tipped in favour of the leave campaign. We don’t have enough houses in the UK. We didn’t have enough before the referendum and we still don’t have enough now. Demand is still strong and the private rented sector is growing. Demand for high quality rental accommodation in the centre of cities like Liverpool has never been so encouraging.”

For investors from overseas, there is the added bonus of the current exchange rate meaning their dollars or euros suddenly stretch further when they are buying in pounds. As at 5 July 2016, those buying in dollars could enjoy the best exchange rate for 31 years, making now the ideal time to pick up a UK property.

While Brexit does bring with it a whole host of uncertainties, work is already underway to address these. Geoff White, policy manager, North and Midlands, for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), has flagged up lack of access to skilled workers from overseas as a potential issue for the construction sector, commenting that,

“Uncertainty over the renegotiation and the North West’s future relationship with the EU must be minimised by laying out a clear timeline and set of ambitions.”

Such attention to detail at this early stage in the Brexit process will serve the region well when it comes to the long-term future of its property sector. The industry will also benefit from the fact that interest rates are likely to remain low while the Bank of England focuses its energies on maintaining stability. This is good news for those with existing mortgages, as well as investors seeking to take out buy-to-let mortgages currently.

With the UK’s medium and long-term prospects looking strong in terms of property, even a few short-term market fluctuations are unlikely to bother savvy investors. During the financial crisis, UK property was notable for its superior performance to shares and many investors have learned from that experience.

Regional city demand looks set to remain strong, with urban areas like Liverpool looking forward to continued growth. Properties such as Parliament Residence in Liverpool still boast excellent investment credentials, such as a low entry point (£109,900) and decent yields (7% NET income p.a. assured for the first three years), while rental demand from the growing population of young professionals seeking a city centre lifestyle remains strong.

All in all, despite the surprise ‘leave’ decision from the UK’s voters, the timing is perfect for investing in UK property, for both domestic buyers and those from overseas.


Those wanting to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


A newly released video from Invest Liverpool has highlighted the city’s vast range of industries, its technological prowess and its strong position as a manufacturing stronghold in the new, post-referendum world.

In just over three minutes, the beautifully shot film takes the viewer on a journey through some of this fascinating city’s key business sectors, from virtual engineering to virtual reality, office design to app design and car building to ship building. The short film showcases the breadth of skills available in Liverpool, as Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, observes,

“Invest Liverpool’s video perfectly captures the essence of Liverpool’s dynamic, modern business sector. The city’s growing reputation for creativity, innovation and high quality manufacturing is drawing interest from around the world. From large companies to private individuals, investment in Liverpool is driving innovation and growth across the city.”

Liverpool’s connections are a key strategic factor in its favour. The largest port on the UK’s west coast, the city is connected to more than 60 European destinations through Liverpool John Lennon Airport and is just two hours from London by train. The coastal connection means that Liverpool is perfectly positioned as a leading maritime knowledge hub, as well as being an important base for subsea diving operation services.

One of the most interesting elements of the Invest Liverpool video is its inclusion not just of the city’s businesses and services, but also of The Studio School, a digital and creative educational experience that is fostering the next generation of bright young professionals for the city’s future.

“There’s a really long-term approach here,” continues Prime Centrum’s Stuart Johnson. “From the emphasis on research and development facilities to leading universities, there’s a sense that Liverpool is taking the future in its hands and shaping an intelligent, cosmopolitan workforce that will benefit the city for generations.”

Prime Centrum’s role in that future is to house Liverpool’s swelling workforce. Its latest development, Parliament Residence, offers 44 stunning one and two bedroom apartments in a thriving waterfront location, with a private roof terrace lounge providing spectacular views over the UNESCO World Heritage waterfront.


Those wanting to know more are invited to contact the Prime Centrum team and download the brand new Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.


Prime Centrum’s comprehensive new Liverpool Investment Guide 2016 has opened up the city to investors like never before.

Cities are huge places with a vast array of factors determining how strong a prospect for investment each area is. Yet many investment guides treat the city as a whole, without accounting for the huge variation to be found as one explores its regions. The Prime Centrum guide is different – it walks the reader through the city district by district, far more akin to a travel guide than an investment brochure.

Indeed, the newly launched Liverpool City Guide 2016 doesn’t even promote an individual investment. Its purpose is to enable investors to gain a greater understanding of the intricacies of Liverpool in order that they can make informed investment decisions, should they decide that Liverpool is their ideal investment location.

Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments on the guide,

“We’re delighted to be able to share the Liverpool City Guide 2016 with all those with an interest in this fantastic city. While we have some fabulous developments here, such as the iconic Parliament Residence waterfront development, its purpose is much broader than that. It’s about sharing our knowledge with investors in order that they can judge for themselves where and when they want to invest.”

Further city guides are set to follow in the wake of the Liverpool one, as the Prime Centrum team puts its extensive research to good use. The Liverpool City Guide 2016 covers everything from economic data to historic and cultural facts. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone considering Liverpool as one of their investment options.


For further details please contact the Prime Centrum team. You can also download the brand new Prime Centrum Liverpool Investment Guide 2016 for free.