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Liverpool turns focus to 65-acre Sefton Street Corridor - a “natural expansion” of the city’s Baltic Triangle

March 16, 2018

Published by: Nicola Behan

Liverpool City Council will bring forward a strategic regeneration framework for the 65-acre Sefton Street Corridor, which it has described as a “natural expansion” of the city’s Baltic Triangle district.

The area focusses on a major arterial route into the city centre from the south, and has seen significant investment in residential development over the past 10 years.

It stretches from around Brunswick Station to the south up to the junction of Wapping and Liver Street in the north, and incorporates areas between the A562 and Hill Street, much of which is home to industrial development.

It also includes key development sites including the Cains Brewery and sites between St James Street and Wapping.

The city council had previously endorsed a development framework for the neighbouring Baltic Triangle area, but said in order to have “an increased level of control over future development” in and around Sefton Street, it would look to appoint a planning consultant to work up a “robust” framework for the area.

The council said there was no framework or planning document to guide development, and any new framework would have an emphasis on “protecting employment uses in an environment where the city has a shortage of employment land”.

However, the council also said parts of the area would need to be earmarked for residential use “to support the economic growth of the city” but this would have to be “directed to the appropriate areas and sites”.

It is expected any new SRF would sit alongside the development framework for the Baltic Triangle.

The council is due to sign off £75,000 of funding to support the SRF at a cabinet meeting on 23 March. Tender documents are expected to be issued either via a consultancy framework, or by a competitive tender process.

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