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Latest Prime Centrum Liverpool launch whips up excitement among investors!

May 12, 2016

Published by: Sara Recalcati

Prime Centrum’s latest Liverpool launch – One Wolstenholme Square – is whipping up excitement among buy-to-let investors with an eye for luxury developments with attractive yields.

The development offers a rare opportunity for investors to purchase luxury residential studio apartments in the heart of Liverpool, setting a new standard for L1 living. Demand for such apartments is exceptionally strong. Young professionals have been flocking to Liverpool city centre for more than a decade. A report from Centre for Cities showed that the city centre population more than doubled between 2001 and 2011, with the growth fuelled by young professionals. By 2011, more than 50% of the city centre’s population was aged between 22 and 29.

The huge boom was the result of young professionals heading into the city centre for work. Data from Direct Line for Business has shown that more than half of the city’s housing stock falls within the rental market, but still many young professionals who command healthy salaries but lack the high end accommodation to suit them. Enter One Wolstenholme Square!

Minutes from Liverpool One, Commercial District, Albert Docks and the waterfront, One Wolstenholme Square offers investors an incredibly affordable entry to the lucrative UK buy-to-let sector. Liverpool is one of the UK’s top ten locations for buy-to-let property investment and investors in One Wolstenholme Square can look forward to 8% NET returns assured for 3 years. Investment starts from £79,950, with a 20% early investor discount providing scope for great growth for experienced and first time investors alike.

Liverpool city centre house prices have risen by 40% in the past three years, according to Zoopla. In many areas of the city centre the rise has been greater, with those moving in for jobs driving up property prices. The trend is expected to continue, with One Wolstenholme Square presenting strong potential for capital growth during construction.

For full details, download the One Wolstenholme Square brochure or contact the Prime Centrum team.


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