Frequently Asked Questions

Over our many years’ of experience we have been asked many questions by our clients in relation to buy-to-let property investment and how we assist clients in the process of acquiring either their first or subsequent properties. We have compiled these questions along with detailed answers for you convenience and please do not hesitate to contact one of our Senior Property Consultants for more assistance or for any questions that are not covered, on +44 (0) 207 183 6332.

  1. Who are Prime Centrum and what do you offer?

  2. Prime Centrum is an international property investment consultancy which specialises…  Read more

  3. Is buy-to-let considered to be a good investment?

  4. Many consider buy-to-let to be a good investment. It’s why…  Read more

  5. How are you any different from other property investment companies?

  6. Prime Centrum prides itself on its three main principles: integrity,…  Read more

  7. What types of properties could I invest in?

  8. Prime Centrum focuses on new build property developments in cities…  Read more

  9. Which regions do you cover?

  10. Prime Centrum offers buy to let property investments in city…  Read more

  11. How do I know you’re a reputable company?

  12. Prime Centrum prides itself on its reputation, which is built…  Read more

  13. Can I see any testimonials? Or speak to someone?

  14. Yes, absolutely. You can read testimonials from Prime Centrum clients…  Read more

  15. What are the purchase costs for a buy-to-let property?

  16. Purchase costs vary from between different developments and with different…  Read more

  17. Are there any additional charges, other that the purchase cost?

  18. Yes, there are several costs involved in investing in a…  Read more

  19. Can Prime Centrum arrange for finance for me?

  20. Prime Centrum does not arrange finance. However, we have developed…  Read more

  21. How does Prime Centrum make its money?

  22. We earn our money in two ways. Firstly, we charge…  Read more

  23. How is my money protected?

  24. Prime Centrum takes the protection of client funds very seriously.…  Read more

  25. What happens after I invest?

  26. Here at Prime Centrum we offer a world class service…  Read more

  27. Can I rent out my current home and change my residential mortgage to a buy-to-let mortgage?

  28. This is certainly possible, though not necessarily simple. Residential mortgages…  Read more

  29. Should I opt for a repayment or an interest only buy-to-let mortgage?

  30. Just as with a residential mortgage, you can opt for…  Read more

  31. Which taxes are associated with investing in a buy-to-let property?

  32. Buy-to-let property investment involves paying a range of taxes. Income…  Read more

  33. Why are buy-to-let deposits higher than residential mortgage deposits?

  34. Buy-to-let is a means of generating income, both through monthly…  Read more

  35. Can anybody apply for a buy-to-let mortgage?

  36. Buy-to-let mortgages are designed for individuals who plan to rent…  Read more

  37. Is there a minimum deposit for buy-to-let?

  38. Yes. Whether you’re buying using a mortgage or a cash…  Read more

  39. Will you be able to afford your mortgage payments?

  40. As with any purchase, you need to be sure you…  Read more

  41. Can I move into my buy-to-let property?

  42. Generally, investors do not live in their buy-to-let properties. A…  Read more

  43. Is buy-to-let a viable alternative to a pension?

  44. The UK’s ageing population has made the traditional model of…  Read more

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