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Demand for city centre living is excellent news for investors

July 21, 2016

Published by: Sara Recalcati

Urbanisation has become a global trend. According to UN research, 54% of the world’s population was urban in 2014. The figure is expected to rise to 66% by 2050. The rapid rate of increase means that city planners need to build a lot of new homes over the coming decades in order to copy with cities’ expanding populations. Liverpool, for example, saw its city centre population double in the decade to 2011, according to Census data.

Urban life has become popular for a number of reasons and city centre living in the UK is now highly prized. There are economic advantages to life in the city: there are more opportunities to earn money than there are in rural areas. There is also the convenience of city centre living, with shops, restaurants, nightlife and cultural resources from libraries to museums to art galleries all readily available.

Parliament Residence in Liverpool is a prime example. The property is ideally located to allow tenants easy access to the city’s central business district, where they can take full advantage of the economic opportunities on offer. The trendy Baltic Triangle and Albert Dock region are also nearby, which are ideal for everything from shopping to socializing.

For developments such as this, strong tenant demand is fueled by increasing levels of urbanization. This demand is excellent news for investors. At Parliament Residence, they can look forward to 7% NET income per annum assured for the first three years, with investment starting from just £109,900.

City centre living also appeals to many for its social and entertainment benefits. At Liverpool’s Albert Dock, summer season highlights include the Tate Liverpool’s Mondrian exhibition, the International Mersey River Festival, the Liverpool Biennial, the Brouhaha carnival parade and the Liverpool Pirate Festival. And that’s just a snapshot of what’s going on in the city this summer.


Stuart Johnson, Business Development Manager at Prime Centrum, comments,

“Liverpool really showcases why city centre living has become so sought after. The vast array of amenities on offer means that everything residents could need is within easy reach, while the varied entertainment programme offers something for all ages. City centre residents can also enjoy being part of the dynamism and drive that can be felt in Liverpool’s business district. The opportunities here are fantastic – for both residents and investors!”


For more information, contact the Prime Centrum team and download the Prime Centrum Liverpool City Guide 2016 for free.



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