Prime Centrum Blog

Mark, United Kingdom

April 2, 2017

Published by: Izzet Olcusenler

“I first came across Prime Centrum through a pay per click advert on Facebook promoting high yield property investments in Liverpool. As it happens I had some money available which I had recently inherited which I wanted to invest in a property asset. I was looking for something which would produce better yields than the much poorer yields I was getting from some investments I already had in London. I was also looking at a relatively modest investment compared with the horrendous house prices in London.  I was slightly sceptical initially, and wondered where the ‘catch’ was as it sounded a bit too good to be true. However after asking a lot of questions, all of which were dealt with highly professionally and very enthusiastically, I could not find any catch. It’s true that the investment we were discussing required a full cash payment, rather than an investment where a mortgage was involved, which may not work for everyone, however this was not an issue for me, as  I was a full cash buyer. I also understand that Prime Centrum also have other properties for investment where having a lender involved is an option.

So I decided to make an investment in an off-plan studio flat in central Liverpool around 3 months ago, with an expected completion around 6 months from now. I am very happy to have found a property with the very healthy guaranteed yield provided for the first three years, and look forward to the completion of the development. If the guaranteed yield for the first 3 years is anything to go by, it looks like I will have made an outstanding long term investment for rental income, and with the central city Location. Although property prices are never guaranteed, I have also had the benefit of investing in an area which should produce a healthy growth rate should I need to sell it at some stage.”


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