Can I move into my buy-to-let property?

Generally, investors do not live in their buy-to-let properties. A buy-to-let home is an investment that generates income. If you live in it yourself, you won’t be bringing in income, so the property isn’t a buy-to-let anymore – you become an owner-occupier instead.

In addition, many buy-to-let opportunities are for off-plan properties, so at the point of investment the home may well not have been built.

There are also mortgage considerations. Buy-to-let and owner-occupier mortgages command different rates of interest, have different conditions, different loan to value percentages and different application criteria. If you have an existing buy-to-let property that you wish to move into, and which you have funded in part through a mortgage, you will need to change your buy-to-let mortgage to a residential one before moving into the property.

*The information provided should not be taken as financial advice in relation to the UK property market or property investment advice.

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