Is buy-to-let a viable alternative to a pension?

The UK’s ageing population has made the traditional model of funding retirement through a pension increasingly unviable. At the same time, interest on savings has plummeted and shows no sign of returning to former levels. Therefore, many of those approaching retirement are looking for new ways to fund their later years, including investing (in stocks and in property) and continuing to work (either be starting their own business or through part-time or freelance employment).

Investing in property offers the most hands off and most risk-averse of these options and many retirees are turning to buy-to-let for their future income. The UK’s rapidly growing population and shortage of available housing mean that rental property enjoys strong demand, particularly within cities. The limited amount of land available for development also impacts on rental demand, as well as contributing to capital growth.

*The information provided should not be taken as financial advice in relation to the UK property market or property investment advice.

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