Is buy-to-let considered to be a good investment?

Many consider buy-to-let to be a good investment. It’s why the UK buy-to-let market has attracted such attention. The UK’s housing shortage, coupled with strong demand for rental property as the private rented sector grows, has created a uniquely appealing situation.

Buy-to-let is also popular thanks to the dual income streams it provides. Monthly rent provides regular income, which can cover the cost of any mortgage on the property, while capital growth can be enjoyed over the course of the property’s ownership.

From individuals looking to actively fund their retirement rather than relying on a limited pension, to those opting out of fulltime employment in favour of managing a property empire, buy-to-let is an attractive asset class that is enjoying sustained growth. Indeed, government data shows that one third of UK homes are expected to be owned by buy-to-let landlords by 2032.

*The information provided should not be taken as financial advice in relation to the UK property market or property investment advice.

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