Are there any additional charges, other that the purchase cost?

Yes, there are several costs involved in investing in a buy-to-let property, in addition to the property’s purchase price. You will need to pay legal costs associated with the purchase. You will also need to pay either Stamp Duty or purchase taxes, depending on the location of the property.

There is also a Prime Centrum admin and handling charge of £1,000 + VAT. This is a one-off fee that applies whether you purchase one property or several. It is not charged again, even if you choose to purchase from us again in the future.

At Prime Centrum we are committed to highlighting all charges prior to reservation, so you know before reserving your property what the costs will be. There are no hidden charges with any of our property investments.

*The information provided should not be taken as financial advice in relation to the UK property market or property investment advice.

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