Bradford is one of the UK’s top residential property hotspots for 2015 onwards

  • Prices below pre-2008 levels and rising fast
  • One of the fastest growing populations in the UK
  • With £35 million in funding committed to the Bradford ‘growth zone'
  • The number of workers is set to grow by 7.5% over the next ten years

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Buy to let properties in Bradford?

Investing in buy to let property in Bradford is currently a good option for a number of reasons. According to the Regional Econometric Model: Nov 2014 Economic Forecast for Bradford, the number of full-time equivalent workers in the city is set to grow by 7.5% over the next ten years. The growth is set to focus around retail, education, health, professional and private services, accommodation, food services and construction, with the district increasing its economic output by 25.2% in the period to 2025.

Economy in Bradford

With £35 million in funding committed to the Bradford ‘growth zone’ and projects like the Broadway Centre coming on line, the city makes an attractive destination for those seeking employment opportunities at leading companies. The city centre, in particular, has become highly sought after in terms of accommodation, as professionals seek out homes close to work, to cut down on commuting time and benefit from the amenities and social spaces with which Bradford’s centre is packed.

Bradford also receives a significant net inflow of commuters from Leeds and the surrounding metropolitan areas and in fact 37,000 professionals commute to Leeds from Bradford demonstrating how Leeds’ economic growth and spiralling property and rental prices are having a positive impact on Bradford’s economy.

Property Market in Bradford

The city has benefited from some major regeneration work and new investment over the past several years. One of the latest additions to its offering has been Westfield’s Broadway shopping centre, which opened in November 2015. The construction of the shopping centre increased employment in the city and has acted as a ‘major catalyst’ in boosting the local economy.

Bradford has become a city of major interest to buy-to-let investors. Property values are rising with the average value is now £124,409, making Bradford a great value location for those looking for a buy-to-let investment in a busy, modern city centre with strong tenant demand.

Tenant Demand in Bradford

With a diverse population and economy, Bradford is able to offer a great range of tenants as well. Those seeking homes in the city centre tend to be professional people looking for long-term rental accommodation – usually apartments – close to their place of work and to key central facilities. With property prices considerably lower than the UK average, buy-to-let investors seeking to house such tenants will be delighted with what they find on offer in Bradford.

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