Why invest in UK buy‑to‑let?

  • Rising returns – forecasted average growth rate 7% - 12% p.a. for the next 5 years
  • Prices below market value – from £119,900
  • Invest from as low as £72,000 during construction
  • City level house price growth 7.2% in 2016
  • UK housing shortfall reaches 1 million homes (Home Builders Federation)

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Why UK buy-to-let?

Property investment is seen as one of the most established and secure investment options available, particularly over the longer term and the UK presents one of the most profitable and exciting property markets in the world. According to new figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), city level house prices rose by 7.2% in 2016.

With the buy-to-let market showing no signs of slowing down, there are distinct advantages to making property investments in the UK, from the rental income to the potential for capital growth, the returns can be very appealing. The UK’s chronic lack of housing and increasingly tough climate for first time buyers led to spiralling demand for rental property, which further spurred buy-to-let investors into action.

Buy-to-let market is now worth £1 trillion

UK is one of the most profitable property markets in the world

Capital growth potential and higher yields compared to other markets

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City level UK house prices rose by 7.2% in 2016

Private rented sector has more then doubled in the last decade and is forecast by experts to grow further.

Rising property demand due to UK housing shortfall of 1 million homes